Horn Loudspeaker

  • Uno Series – Solo

    The solo is the new and latest loudspeaker to join the Duo, Uno and Trio. Uno series-solo is a spherical type of horn design that provides you unprecedented performance for its price and size. It is embedded with new custom made 12 dual concentric drivers, short spherical horn flares for the treble and bass unit. The driver is mounted in special cabinet that completes the 250 watt amplifier package. The active design of this amplifier which is known as bass frequencies, extends up to 30 Hz that make it ideal, high quality and efficient monitor for audio visual use. There are varieties of color and model option in Uno series and you can select in accordance to your choice.

  • Duo Series – Duo Primo

    The Duo Primo is an excellent combination of different design elements of the Bass/Trio horn and Duo series system. It is considered the best due to its performance similar to Bass/Trio horn system. It is loaded in form of signal box speaker that keeps it save from outer damages. It has approximately 72"H x 27"W x 26"D dimensions, DUO Omega drivers, new patented crossover circuitry including 1 volt current bias to high frequencies. Load speakers consist of 2 bass modules type horn for convenient use and set up.

  • Duo Series – Grosso G2

    Dup series-Grosso G2 is the enhanced version of Duo Omega. It has powerful SUB231ÐG2 subwoofer module that makes it more efficient product in bass range.  In the duo Omega, spherical horns and driver are fitted to improve the quality of sound. In Grosso G2, the use of subwoofer SUB231-G2 with two inch long excursion drivers makes it excellent quality product. Exclusive neodymium magnets type material is used in the manufacturing of bass drivers of the G 2 series.

    This intelligent Grosso G 2 device incorporates the power watt of 2×250 with enhanced capacitance of 120.000 including motional feedback circuitry. These horns can easily compensate signal deviations in real time through drivers and electronics system,
    It also contains feature of active input stage that provides efficient brass control and crossover frequency. It is embedded with lager subwoofer module, finesse of du omega G2, with dynamic, effortless and power of big woofers.

  • Trio Series – Trio G2

    Trio G2 is a satellite 3-way horn that is regarded an efficient product by active subwoofers. It handles transmission of low frequencies with the use of 38 inch SH9504 low-midrange horn. It is equipped with 8 inch L3 Omega G2 driver with 16 ohm OMEGA voice coil. The main part of Trio Gs is covered through 23 inch SH5702 midrange horn and redesigned 27 ohm 2 inch M3 Omega G2 driver.  It works on the base of CDC technology that allows minimalist concept with 4 passive crossover parts for the 3 way system. CPC technology is used for the configuration and redesigned of G2 capacitors while sensitive of system work at 109 dB. All these features make Trio G2 an excellent choice in the eyes of customers.