Tube Amp

  • Ongaku

    Ongaku is the evergreen model embedded with 6463 input stage, 1:2 Audio note, silver wired driver transformers that makes you feel in different way. It also improves overall frequencies response over other older products. This chassis of Ongaku is manufactured with pure copper and Audio Note 99.99% pure silver wired double AN-Perma 50 nickel C-core output transformer to enhance the quality of tone. The use of twin-monaural configuration is employed to minimize the interference between reproduced sounds coming from left and right sides. It has gained worldwide fame due to its feature of elaborate execution. Ongaku 211 amplifier refreshes the mind of listener with high quality sound. It is equipped with few stray electronics and coarse grid and contains additional features like linearity of VP-IP characteristics, 2 watt Tantalum resistors, Audio Note™, HiB double C-core mains transformer, 2 x NOS 5R4WGB and availability of remote control version.

  • Meishu Phono

    It is a 9 watt single-ended 300B MM phono Class A integrated amplifier. It contains multiple features like 5 inputs, 2x 300B, no tape loop, 2x 5687, 1x 5U4G, 1X 6SN7 and valve rectified choke power supply. It is made of silver version that adds copper foil signal capacitors, and Audio Not ™ tantalum resistors. It is embedded with black gate electrolytic capacitors and HiB copper wired double C-core output transformers in many places. The feature of Meishu phono includes

    • Single-Ended 300B Triode output stage
    • Zero Negative Feedback
    • Pure Class A operation
    • Valve rectification
    • Phono and line only versions 5 inputs
    • Pre-amp out facility
  • Conquest

    The conquest is a sort of parallel singled ended, pure A class valve amplifiers that make use of highly 300B heated triode valve. It produces high level performance that is superior to current designed amplifiers. The conquest is not meant for technical performance but for sonic performance.

    The best thing is that it fits to level 3 criteria:

    • Zero negative feedback
    • Pure class A operation
    • Output stage of single ended
    • Valve rectification
    • High quality component quality
    • Heated triode

    Level 3 amplifiers includes following features like Audio note copper foil, Audio note copper, and silver wiring capacitors.

  • P1 SE

    P1 SE is a pure Class A single ended 10 watt stereo amplifier that is made of beyschlag metal film resistors, Audio Note™ tin foil/mylar in oil signal capacitors, standard electrolytic capacitors.  It has the capacity of 100 k input volume controls that allow us a standalone input control centre. It includes following features like

    • 4 x EL84
    • 4 x ECC83
    • Input Volume